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Personal Loans

Need cash to pay bills, make purchases, take a vacation or improve your home? Get the money you need for less with one of our personal loans.

There are many benefits to borrowing with a personal loan from Central Credit Union Of Illinois.

We offer two different types of Personal Loans.

  Personal Loans Share Secured Loans
Fixed Rate 9.9

Less than $2000:
As low as 




More than $2,000:
As low as

Open-Ended (You Can Apply To Increase Loan Amount At A Later Date) Yes Yes
Secured Loans are unsecured Loans are secured by funds in your Share Account
Term Up to 5 years Up to 5 years

Calculate Your Savings

Consolidate high-interest debt with one of our personal loans at a low, fixed rate, and you could reduce interest and monthly payments.  Click here to calculate how much you might save.