Direct Deposit

No need to drive to the credit union to make a deposit. Conveniently deposit part or all of your paycheck into your accounts with direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Deposit your entire paycheck with direct deposit.

Why deposit your paycheck in person when you don’t have to? With direct deposit, your entire net pay is automatically deposited into your Central Credit Union Of Illinois account each payday, and is available for use that same day.  Or, if your employer allows, you can have a portion of your paycheck directly deposited into your Central Credit Union Of Illinois account.


To begin direct deposit, you must complete a Direct Deposit Information And Authorization Form, and return it to your employer.  You will also need to complete any additional forms that your employer may require.

To sign up for direct deposit, write “net pay” where the form asks for the amount of your deduction, if you want your entire net pay deposited each pay period.  Or, if you only want to deposit a portion of your net pay, then fill in the amount you want directly deposited.  If you would like to open accounts other than a Share Account and have funds deposited into them automatically, you’ll need to complete separate applications to open those accounts, and schedule regular transfers into those accounts for a set amount through online banking or mobile banking for after your direct deposit is deposited. 

Once your form is complete, return it to your employer.  Please also complete any additional forms your employer may require to begin direct deposit.